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Dead flowers turn brown and cling to the plants instead of falling to the ground.

Feb 16, There are a few reasons leaves fall off an azalea plant. Check the soil and see if it’s moist or dry. You want to be able to roll the soil into a ball, but not be able to squeeze water out of it. This will give you an idea on if your plant needs more or less water, or if there’s a different problem. Azaleas also like bright light, so if the. May 19, There are a few insects that will attack azalea and can cause the leaves to fall off. Lace bugs will give the azalea leaves a lacy pattern and can cause some of the leaves to drop off.

Correction for this problem is to use the appropriate insecticide and a treatment of fertilizer. Some insecticides and pesticides if not used properly can cause azaleas to drop. Spray leaves with Bayleton, Ferbam, Captan, or a fixed copper fungicide. Start spraying at end of bloom period and continue at 2- to 3-week intervals until. Jul 26, Azalea Leafminers – This azalea plant pest generally “mines” between the upper and lower surfaces of leaves causing brown blisters or yellowing on the leaves.

Affected leaves caused by the azalea leafminers may also curl up and drop. Removal of affected plants may be necessary. Stunt Nematode – These azalea pests attack the feeder roots and cause azalea. Oct 14, A: Azaleas drop old leaves, but also can drop leaves if the plants are stressed. Snap a few branches. If you see green inside, the shrubs are still alive. Apply a gentle organic fertilizer such as Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

Nov 28, Whether you grow the plant as a ground cover or a shrub, in an evergreen variety or a deciduous one that loses its leaves naturally in. Jun 18, When the disease is severe enough, the leaves fall off. It’s best to pick off all of the leaves as soon as the symptoms appear to prevent the spread of the disease.

Phytophthora root rot is a disease that lives in the soil, preventing azalea leaf growth and causing older leaves to drop off. There is no cure and the shrub eventually dies.